Mario Peña
 Untitled (red, black, gold)

A conceptual map has been drawn by, NYC based, visual artist Mario Peña, seeking to create unique imagery that offers an experience and realization to the viewers, asking for an emotional reaction; Lauren Isabeau, the archetypical Muse, becomes the canvas for Peña’s vision, her alabaster radiance inviting us to look and then explore the many layers, to discover “sublime love”.

After all one of his definitions of love is “a journey of self discovery and acceptance of our known and unknown nature”. If, upon viewing these images, a sense of self-realisation is evoked in the spectator, then Peña’s definition of love will have been fulfilled.

The_Forest_Magazine_Mario-Pena_Lauren-Isabeau_0001 The_Forest_Magazine_Mario-Pena_Lauren-Isabeau_0002 The_Forest_Magazine_Mario-Pena_Lauren-Isabeau_0003 The_Forest_Magazine_Mario-Pena_Lauren-Isabeau_0004 The_Forest_Magazine_Mario-Pena_Lauren-Isabeau_0005 The_Forest_Magazine_Mario-Pena_Lauren-Isabeau_0006The_Forest_Magazine_Mario-Pena_Lauren-Isabeau_0007 The_Forest_Magazine_Mario-Pena_Lauren-Isabeau_0011 The_Forest_Magazine_Mario-Pena_Lauren-Isabeau_0010 The_Forest_Magazine_Mario-Pena_Lauren-Isabeau_0009 The_Forest_Magazine_Mario-Pena_Lauren-Isabeau_0008

Team credits:

Model: Lauren Isabeau INSTAGRAM

Photographer: Mario Peña WEBSITE