To submit your editorials for publication, send your work to
We seek only content for online.

Please pay attention to the following before submitting anything:

The technicalities:

  1. The material you submit should be relevant to the visual style of the site and should contain a variety of poses and looks.
  2. Minimum 5 looks.
  3. The content must be UNPUBLISHED and EXCLUSIVE, this includes social media (Facebook, Instagram etc).
  4. Editorials featuring a single designer are not accepted.
  5. No obviously synthetic fabrics or plastic accessories.
  6. We ask for full-size images if your submission is accepted.
  7. Please allow 3 weeks until your content is published.

And the very important legalities:

  • You must be the copyright holder of the content you submit to us and by doing so, you assert that you are the copy-write owner of the content.
  • All persons depicted must be 18 years and over and you must own the written permission of them and/or representatives in order to publish the images. Take care when nudity is involved and make sure the persons depicted are aware of this and comfortable with being depicted in this way.
  • By submitting your material, you grant us the full consent to publish your work in any media possible related to the scope of The Forest magazine in perpetuity (including but not limited to print, online, social media, broadcasting etc).  The copyright of your content remains with you and we have no claim on it.
    However, we, as licensees are allowed to make use of the content, in addition to the above-mentioned, in publicity features regarding The Forest magazine in any and all media (including advertising/promotional purposes), regarding the scope of The Forest only. This means that we will never license or sell your intellectual property to others; if we receive such a request, we will forward it to you.
    To offer an example of such a use, we may choose to use your content to support a feature about the Forest magazine in a TV program or create a Facebook advertisement for The Forest magazine, which may be based upon your image.

You agree to indemnify us and hold us harmless from any liability, damages, and fees whatsoever, arising from our use of the material you submitted and you accept full responsibility for your actions (e.g. If you submit content without the consent of the photographer or of the persons appearing in the content).

We will not be held accountable for any breach of privacy or violation of any rights of publicity/likeness, and any possible breach of any possible right, due to the publication of material you have submitted to The Forest magazine. We do not remove sets once they have been published.
In simple words, if you submit content to us, you accept full responsibility for any claims or liability, damages and fees, associated with the publication, unless it is due to gross negligence on our part.
As an example, in the scenario where you submit images without the model’s consent, and where he/she demands it be removed and threatens us with legal action, you are solely responsible for any liability, fees and/or damages she may claim. The same will happen if you submit content the copyright of which does not belong to you and we are threatened with action by the owner.
Therefore, we advise you to make certain that you have obtained consent for publication for The Forest and that the credits are correct. If something is shared in social media, keep in mind that it is very hard to delete its traces.