Who we are

The Forest is timeless, bright and dark, pleasant yet gloomy, friendly or hostile; magnificent in its duality as nature is.
Metaphorically, it is a place to immerse ourselves and heighten our senses, a realm of enchantment to escape the mundane; a bit of magic in our everyday life.

In essence, The Forest is an independent publication about the visual arts, focusing on the interplay of light and darkness, of innocence, lust and all the shades of grey that lie in-between.

Our mission is to create a platform which brings together visionary creatives who share our love for enchanting and captivating imagery which stands the test of time, against the trends of this fast-paced era.

Demetrios Drystellas / Creative Director – Founder
Alva Engström / Editor
Carolina Brose / Editor
Helene Romanou / Artist Relations