Katie Eleanor
 “Opal’s heart”

Vinyl armour dress with geometrical flower print from Tessa Edwards archive
Quartz choker by Tessa Edwards
Under garment sheer dress and mineral ring by Ronae Fagon
Shoes by Sadie Clayton
Pearls and braided hair headpiece by Mariana Abella
Embroidered black silk bolero jacket by Sorapol
Black dress from the stylists archive collection
Copper, quartz and velvet bracelet by Tessa Edwards
Feathered & embroidered jewels detail crown-piece by De Auris
Corset with pattern and sides detail by Sian Hoffman
Shimmery-liquid effect skirt by Sorapol
Pearl body jewellery by Mariana Abella
Bamboo paper cut out Cape by Marianna Jungmann
Chainmail headpiece and chainmail jewellery worn as handcuff all by Culietta
Print one-piece bodysuit by Rein
Black leather corset by Sian Hoffman
Grey wool and Swarovski Cape by Simon Peters
Blue wool floral print dress by Ashley Isham
Silver necklace with multiple seals by Pyrrha
Embroidery, lace, cream and silver dress by Sonas
Opal glass bracelet worn as amulet and necklace, both by Tessa Edwards
Sheer dress by Ronae Fagon
Silver chain dress by Manuel Diaz
Veil and headpiece with feathers, beads and lace, both by Jay Briggs
Silver-grey pleat detailed dress with long trail by Amber Feroz
Team Credits:
Photography by Katie Eleanor
Model is Sophie Drake @ Storm Model Management
Styling by Mariana Abella
Hair by Massimo Di Stefano
Make-up by Natalie Piacun