Yurina Niihara

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Periods, first sexual relationship, pregnancy are examples of natural moments that condemned women to experience pain during their life. In addition, women accept to suffer enduring artificial burden such as, uncompromising fashion, rigid manners, even  plastic surgery, for the sake of beauty.
In that sense, women’s relation to pain is different that other genders.
It has been 30 years that I was born a woman.
As a witness and actor of this, I wanted to highlight this condition with subtle acupuncture photography.
This series shows Hiroko’s acceptance of suffering in order to be cured, in order to be beautiful.
– Yurina Niihara

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Team Credits:
  • Photographer & Art Director: Yurina Niihara [instagram]
  • Model: Hiroko Sakamoto
  • Hair & Make-up: Yui Hirohata [instagram]
  • Acupuncturist: Takanori Tamayama [instagram]
  • Florist : Kenji Tsutsumi [instagram]