Linda Tuloup | Presences

Linda Tuloup’s latest project, “Presences” is presented in Art Paris Art Fair in the Grand Palais in Paris, from the 30th of March to the 2nd of April 2017.
On the chance of her participation in the exhibition, the Parisian photographer speaks about the rare project involving printing photographs on an unusual material, stone.

Bachelard said “The human legend finds its illustrations in inanimate nature, as if the stone could receive natural inscriptions. The poet would then be the most primitive of the paleographers. The matter is thus profoundly legendary”

Why “Presences”?

I hesitated for a long time on the title, then it it imposed itself as an obvious. I placed all the stones in front of me and, by looking at them, I had the feeling of looking at humanity in its entirety.
The title « Presences » was born right at this moment. A work on memory.

What attracted you to stone as a material?

I always suspected that a stone carried an idea that could be expressed.  This stone which reminds us the earth; thus, stones entered my life.  This was like leaving our world of “time” behind and entering a “timeless” world.
I was on the seashore.  And I picked up what the waves brought me.  These stones, which, wave by wave, had travelled a long way. Because everything comes out of the sea, and everything returns there. I contemplated them, caressed them, washed them as to read inside. And faces appeared, as though they were messages.

Faces from eternity.

They resemble planets suspended in space.

You’re right. I love this idea. I love this relationship between earth and sky. The stones came from space on earth. The stones pass through time and symbolize eternity.
I often think that our own body is made up of dust of stars.

How was the procedure of working with stones?

I’ve been working with stones for over two years. Each stone was prepared and emulsified with silver bromide. And prepared and emulsified, again and again…
With this work, I realized how each stone is alive, sensitive, unique !

Who: Linda Tuloup []
Where: ART PARIS ART FAIR / Grand Palais, Paris, France / Galerie Olivier Waltman, stand D4 []
When: 30 March – 2 April 2017