Sven Kristian | Newlands

Inspired by the Australian classic film ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock‘, photographer Sven Kristian, stylist Danielle Jade Paul and HMUA Inga Hewett create a story with a softer, more positive tones. A story of friends who could be sisters, featuring Lara B at Fanjam and Georgina U and Julia N from 3D Model, in a natural and intimate world of their own. Shot on a location in Cape Town, in the UCT dam, a formerly restricted water reservoir, where locals would trespass in order to swim in its waters, but has since opened to the public.

Featuring fashion by Margot Molyneux, MESO, Topshot, Annie’s Wardrobe, Costume Hire, AKJP, Cotton Dress

Team Credits:

Photographer: Sven Kristian
Fashion Editor: Danielle Jade Paul
Hair and Makeup Inga Hewett
Featuring Lara B /Fanjam Model Managemenet
Georgina U and Julia N / 3D Model Management