Dayron Vera | A Beautiful Mind

Barcelona based photographer Dayron Vera teams with stylist Sylvia Bonet for Beautiful Mind, in collaboration with Corella Dance Academy.

According to the artist: “It’s a story about Leonard, Lisa and the young Hel. L&L as they were known always frequented the same place waiting for who would be their next victim. Leonard and Lisa loved mental manipulation and found in Hel the perfect girl to carry out their purpose. Hel was young, sensual and with an appetite for excessive adventure. Once inside the trio, Hel was carried away until she found herself mentally disturbing and having completely changed her sense of reality. Lisa enjoyed manipulation immensely since she was aware that manipulating Hel would still continue to manipulate Leonard’s mind, he wanted Hel and would do whatever Lisa ordered. In this way, a story goes by that its end is nothing more than the beginning of a new one in which L&L having taken Hel to a totally alienated state, would look for a new victim, young, sensual and with a sense of excessive adventure.”

Team Credits:
Photographer: Dayron Vera
Fashion Editor: Sylvia Bonet
Featuring: Maryna Sklovska & KaneBlow Agency / Silvia Arena Uniko Model Management and dancers Paula Losada & Victoria O. Casals / Corella Dance Academy
Hair & Makeup: Estrella Elorduy
Assistant Stylists: Mariela Sanchez / Nuria Borras / Rosario Trucco
Photographic Assistants: Claudia Sanchiz & Joshua Laisequilla 
Locations: Azul Tierra & Corella Dance Academy