Laukart | No Love

Bavarian nature rules in this story by photographic duo Laukart and creative director Anna Rai, featuring model Lorena Diem at Louisa Models and hair & makeup by Tanja Fritzler.

There is NO LOVE in the modern world, it became an outdated thing. Noone needs feelings anymore. That’s why modern Cupid doesn’t look like in the days of Romeo and Juliet. She still has a touch of romanticism in her look but she has lost the war for attention. All the small things that we had have been ripped apart by social networks and online life. The Cupidon’s bow becomes pointless if no one lets someone in his heart. She’s got tired of boredom and aimless wandering around nightclubs in a search for feelings. Hopeless, she comes one day to a small village and sits down on a riverside looking at the water. And then the water starts looking at her.

Team Credits