Cayetano González | American Gothic

Barcelona based photographer Cayetano González teams with stylist Cara Cano for this analogue story taking place on the outskirts of the city. Inspired by Grant Wood’s masterpiece American Gothic, the team decided to develop the idea and create colour contrast between the yellow of the dried leaves and the tonl palette of the clothing. To emphasize that even further, they decided during casting that the characters should also differ and thus the beautiful duo Anna Lisa at Blow Models and Khadim at Two Management were selected. The team was completed by hair & makeup artist Jorge Zúnica asssited by Brenda Sarkissian and styling assistant Zoraida García.
On an interesting side note for the execution of the story, Cayetano shares that even though he usually plans production meticulously, this time “I was very busy at this time, so I didn’t have time to go scouting a location. In the end, believe it or not, I used Google Maps. We went in two cars. Cara and I left an hour earlier in the first car and drove to this area with vineyards. We finally found a nice area, sent the location coordinates to the team in the other car and we waited for them. The owners were nice enough to let us shoot next to their place.”

Team Credits:

Photo: Cayetano González
Styling: Cara Cano, assisted by Zoraida García
Makeup & hair: Jorge Zúnica, assisted by Brenda Sarkissian
Models: Anna Lisa / Blow Models & Khadim / Two Management